Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday morning energizer

Thanks to Bob Collum for pointing this one out. Linda Heck and The Train Wreck opened for NRBQ at The Antenna in 1987, and I think Linda still has her denim jacket which they all signed. I was a fan but had never seen them live. I remember standing out in front of the stage thinking that they were almost impossibly good. It all seemed to flow from them effortlessly, and they had tremendous energy, despite the fact that it was incredibly hot and Big Al seemed to be suffering, even with his own personal fan right next to his head. Terry Adams was all arms and legs, Tom Ardolino beat the drums mercilessly, Al and Joey were perhaps the most extreme physical mismatch in musical history, and they were nothing short of astonishing.

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Linda Heck said...

Yep, I still have that jacket, I embroidered over their signatures... couldn't understand that they were confused by my wanting them to sign it, silly ones... and there's even more of a story behind that jacket, which was not originally my jacket.