Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Working Overtime

I have emerged from the XTC wormhole clutching a handful of strange gems. Firstly, via my old friend and band mate, Jones Rutledge, three long interviews with each of Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding and Dave Gregory, from 2008 on Rundgren Radio. (Runt produced "Skylarking," dontcha know.) And secondly, a 70-minute set from February, 1982, just two days before the release of their breakthrough, "English Settlement," and a matter of weeks before it all came crashing down.

Andy Partridge

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Colin Moulding

Listen to internet radio with Rundgren Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Dave Gregory

Listen to internet radio with Rundgren Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Live on "Rockpalast," German TV, February 10, 1982

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Devil Went Home and Puked

No doubt there are some raging hangovers today in the wake of the second annual EuroHEEDFEST, which I unfortunately missed.

Two Tempo Restaurant, London, 1965

My friend and former classmate, Donna Upton, deserves props for this little gem. If it were any more swingin', it would be illegal.


From Kestor, Dartmoor


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

XTC on Dutch TV 1980

I passed through the less-than aesthetically blessed Swindon the other day on the train, and it sent me down an XTC rabbit hole, once again, as I recalled that they hailed from that town. This band was a huge presence on my turntable and in my imagination for a number of years during its prime, and I always vaguely thought Swindon must be some sort of really special place. I still have no proof that this is the case, though I am open to persuasion. On the other hand, this clip provides definite proof that they were probably one of the tightest and most musically adventurous live acts of their age, not long before it all went wrong for Andy Partridge and they were exiled to the strange realm of "studio bands who never play live."