Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Look Like to Me It's Some Masonic Shit

"Anytime you want to know something, you need to ask the people that got it. Then you get the right understanding."

As a young man, I remember hearing all sorts of hysterical urban legends about "Voodoo Village," which always struck me as highly unlikely, maybe even absurd. However, I never made the effort to find out for myself what it was all about, sadly. Revealed here, by the extremely talented Eric Wilson, is a work of devotional artistic beauty, universally misunderstood.

Voodoo Village - The Temple from eric wilson on Vimeo.

I guess if there's any levity to be found in this story of bigotry and ignorant suspicion, it's the fact that the place inspired the name for one of Memphis' most accomplished absurdist musical pastiche acts: The Voodoo Village People, fronted by the legendary Mike Cupp/Mick Cock.

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