Thursday, 9 February 2012

Evil in Residence

Back to musical pastiche. I'm not sure what possessed me to do this, apart from the fact that London has been having a streak of cold weather and I live in a very poorly insulated flat. A few nights ago, I awoke in the wee hours feeling very cold and the couplets here came into my semi-conscious mind. I remember thinking, "That sounds like a Residents song," filed the idea, and went back to sleep. Returning from work one evening a couple of days later, I did this in about 30 minutes. I like it, but it's nowhere near capturing the real genius of the band, though it has prompted me to go back and listen again to things I haven't listened to in years. In particular, I have been tuning into the Commercial Album, which is true genius. I don't know if it was their intent to test perceptions of time, but I find that in listening to these tracks of almost identical length, I perceive their lengths to be much different, depending on the extent to which they draw me in.

Anyway, enough of my poor attempts at pastiche homage, here's a great selection of the real thing, from April Fool's 1980.

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