Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What's another year?

Happy New Year, everybody. I hope it brings everything you wish for, and more. Times are very tough though, and I fear it may be another difficult year for many. My personal approach is to focus on the attainable, and to that end my only real resolution is to try to create as much recorded sound as possible in the year ahead. I've got lots of ideas for montages, "sound sculpture" and more conventional music, and I hope to do more remote collaboration with the ever-wonderful Ms. Linda Heck, among others. Hell, the world may well end in 2012, but at least we can enjoy ourselves on the way out.

In the meantime, here are some recent works, all recorded on Garageband for iPad.

First up, "Safari de France" - it occurred to me recently that Kraftwerk's epic "Tour de France" is really a surf song in disguise, so I have made it so.

Safari de France by Jimi Inc.

This sent me down a German music rabbithole, culminating in a tribute to the beloved Trio. Apologies to them, as well as to the John Lennon estate.

Vorsprung durch Imagination by Jimi Inc.

This piece incorporates the excellent "Bloom" app, guitar loops, radio emissions from Saturn, and a treated snippet of "Third Stone from the Sun."

Adrift by Jimi Inc.

Lastly, a montage that makes me giggle, incorporating Memphis radio legend George Klein and a bunch of other familiar voices.

The Sound of Fun Surrounds You by Jimi Inc.

My first experiment with the iPad, this is a theme song to a non-existent detective drama.

Jimi Inc. - Inspector Sands by Jimi Inc.

Not quite sure what this is.

Jimi Inc. - 8-face by Jimi Inc.

An instrumental, to which I later added vocals.

Jimi Inc. - Move On by Jimi Inc.

Jimi Inc. - Move On (vocals) by Jimi Inc.

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