Wednesday, 18 January 2012

God's rhythm section

Call me a curmudgeon, but as a rule I don't like songs with titles consisting solely of a person's entire name. One obvious exception is "David Watts," and I'm also prepared to cut "Eleanor Rigby" some slack on alternate Thursdays. But in general, I think there is a tendency for the name to serve as a sort of crutch for lazy rhymes, or as a convenient get-out-of-jail card for "moon in June" couplets. This song by Alasko-Memphibians Deering and Down suffers somewhat from the same tendency, but Lahna Deering's got a very engaging and alluring voice, Neil Down's slide work sounds great, and best of all, featured prominently in the film are my long-time friends and musical co-conspirators John McClure and Kurt Ruleman on bass and drums, respectively. I have maximum respect for these men, and it is always an honor to play with such a great rhythm section. I only wish the opportunity arose more often. Anyway, I should probably lighten up a bit. This is good, clean fun.

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