Monday, 6 July 2015

I helped to make a movie about a beautiful and tragic Memphis

The other day I happened to notice that this film is available to view on the web, a fact of which I wasn't aware previously. It then occurred to me that it's been over a year since I last updated this damned blog, which is embarrassing, given that by no means have I run out of things to say.

Anyway, this is a lovely film made this time two years ago by my lovely Memphibian friend, Laura Jean Hocking, who was kind enough to invite me to make the soundtrack for it. Most of the music was created specifically for this film, but there are three pieces in it which were in existence previously, but which she thought were so suitable for the film that they should also be included. I happily agreed.

I love the imagery in this work, as Laura Jean presents sites which are probably instantly recognizable to many Memphibians but avoids any overt use of any of the "emblematic" sites of Memphis, and features almost no people. Back streets downtown, East Parkway, North Parkway, Union and Madison Avenues, President's Island, Summer Avenue, the razed former sites of Anderton's and Barristers, the former site of the "world famous" Antenna Club, the former site of Solomon Alfred's (where I was also present at the Psychedelic Furs gig alluded to) - all of which give the appearance (apart from traffic) of a city with no inhabitants, presumably other than ghosts. I don't know if this was her creative intention, but it's the impression that I get. Just near the end we spy the outer wall of Crump Stadium at my old high school, Central, and I am flooded with memories of my own set of ghosts.

I'm very proud to have been a part of this!

I WANTED TO MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT A BEAUTIFUL AND TRAGIC MEMPHIS from oddly buoyant productions on Vimeo.

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