Friday, 2 March 2012

Now let it all become unloosed!

Yesterday, I took delivery of a box of awesome from across the pond.


Contents: several copies of the Linda Heck album, "Transformed," which was fitting given that yesterday was also the official release date.


I can't quite express how proud I am to have been involved in a project which I think yielded some amazing results. I got to work with some of my very favorite people on the planet, and there's something very satisfying (and slightly surreal) about seeing one's name alongside a list of people as talented as these.


Most of all, I'm really proud of Linda for seeing this project through to fruition. It was a two-year process, of which the cumulative studio time was almost certainly less than three weeks, but which was fraught with a myriad of life distractions and stumbling blocks encountered along the way.

She persevered, however, and it is a reality at last. Her selection of musicians, instruments, and arrangements perfectly adorns each of the 15 excellent songs here, marking her emergence as a bona fide producer, beyond her obvious gifts as a writer and singer. Doug Easley was, as always, the wise and mysterious guiding hand, with a bag of fairy dust in his back pocket. It sure was a blast, hope we can do it again!

It sounds amazing and also looks good next to your other CDs. You can preview (and purchase, please!) it here.



laura jean said...

I can't wait to hear this cd. I absolutely adore Linda.

Linda Heck said...

Is this the first official blogosphere mention?! I'm... what is it? Gobsmaked? Godsmacked? Whatever... proud and pleased as punch.

Wait'll they hear what we're up to NOW! (Did you take notes?)