Thursday, 14 July 2011

It Came From Memphis

Via Linda Heck comes this interesting relic of the time, namely Robert Gordon's February 1995 book-signing/reading at Burke's Books, just down the road from where we both lived at the time. Shot by Memphibian Bob Angst, this peculiar document includes a very entertaining section of the opening chapter of Robert's landmark work, "It Came From Memphis," as well as a cavalcade of familiar faces: the seemingly omnipresent (in those days) Cordell Jackson, accompanied by one of her stable of "artists," Jones Rutledge, the lovely Gina Barker, the lovely Martha Green, the lovely Linda Heck (very briefly), and some other people I recognize but never knew and couldn't name. "If aerial photographs could reveal energy the way infrared photographs reveal heat, Memphis would be surrounded by vectors pointing toward it: 'this is the place.'" Right on, Bob!

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