Saturday, 16 January 2010

Por mais distante o errante navegante

Sometimes, in a quiet moment, when my mind is wandering freely, I think that, if I should ever gain control of a Tardis, I might fly back in time and propose to Rita Lee. It's seeing and hearing gems such as this which inspire these feelings. Contrast the free, joyous delivery of the band (Rita in particular) with the menacing presence of the moderator, alone in his inquisitor's chair in the center, and the largely impassive responses of the audience - at times probably variously inspired, incensed, or just baffled, but all apparently too paranoid to react one way or another. Such is life in a dictatorship. I really wish that this film, seemingly unrealized, had come out.

The lyrics, according to this site, translate as follows:

Today I will run away from home
I will take luggage full of illusions
I will leave something old
To scatter on the ground
I will drive a huge, powerful car
Luck and death await
Faces above and below
Scare me with a glance

Where I go, ah
Where I go, you come along
Where I go, you come along
Where I go.

High and low beams photograph me
Looking for me
Two mercury eyes illuminate my steps,
Spying on me
The light is red and the cars go passing by
And I walk, walk, walk
My clothes cross and take me by the hand
For the ground, the ground, the ground

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